About Us

Its important in the lawn care business to provide a list of specific services that you are good at, not a blanket of a bunch of services that you know only a little about. So, that's why we only offer certain services as specialties instead of a huge range of misc services. 


The services we offer on our products page is all we offer and nothing more. This keeps us just in our range of knowledge so there is no guessing or bad service. With us, you get quality service 100% of the time, nothing less.

  • We are your one stop property management specialty company.
  • We offer a select range of packages with excellent pricing.
  • We are located in Washington DC and service a 30 mile radius of the District.
  • We have been in businesses since March 2012
  • We have been online since March 2012
  • We have a team of 12 people to include 9 field technicians.


We are an environmentally friendly company. We do several things to reduce our environmental footprint.


1. Schedule our service calls to be in tight proximity to each other to reduce travel miles.

2. We use our own recycled mulch instead of buying it from large corporations that use massive amounts of energy to process mulch yet we have very high quality double shreaded hardwood mixed mulch.

3. We use push mowers instead of large riding mowers that use massive amounts of gasoline.

4. We use emailed invoices instead of paper invoices to cut down on both paper and ink usage. Plus this makes a much smoother billing process.

5. We do not use harmful pesticides on lawns.

6. We use mulching blades on our mowers instead of bagging. This helps fertilize while eliminating the need for bagging.